Our Mission

Many of society’s pressing problems fall hardest on women. Issues may include poverty, domestic violence, child care, employment, financial challenges, self esteem, career advancement, or health issues for the individual or the family. NEWMS is committed to helping women from all backgrounds have the tools to face challenges and find solutions.

Why do we need NEWMS?

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s 2015 Status of Women in the States Report shows the following statistics for women in Mississippi. The report  clearly indicates a need for Mississippi women to work together to tackle the issues that stand in the way of progress: A majority (53%) of women work outside the home, yet Mississippi ranks 50th in the nation in employment and earnings for women.

No one solution is adequate. No single individual can do it all, but by collectively taking action, we will make significant progress in creating a better quality of life for all Mississippians.

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