NEWMS Sponsored Events

NEWMS has grown since 2004 in program offerings and partnerships that focus on assisting women to gain knowledge, to develop skills for success, and to be models for others.

Contact us about open Sponsorships! Check out upcoming events pages for the information on the next scheduled event. NEWMS programs include:

G.I.R.L. Talk – a yearly six-hour course for girls ages 13-18.  G.I.R.L.Talk, offers courses in goal-setting, women’s health, personal gifts, motivation, personal safety, developing self-esteem, and communications skills.  Young participants are given the tools that provide them with vital life skills that enable them to overcome barriers and change the long-term statistics for women in Mississippi.

***2018 Schedule:  August

NEWMS Annual Conference – a yearly recharge event to bring NEWMS members and women interested in growing in their success together to re-inspire, re-inform, and re-empower them to lives with intention. Attendees re-connect with each other and make new connections. The event provides an inspirational and informative speaker session and includes a member annual luncheon meeting.

***2018 Schedule:  October 

NEWMS Annual Meeting – a yearly event to celebrate all NEWMS has accomplished and take a look ahead at where we are going and growing. Come out and celebrate our “Wins.”
Door prizes and Grand prize are part of this winning celebration.

***2018 Schedule: November 

NEWMS Networking Together –  meetings alternate between a lunchtime event from noon- 1:00 p.m. and an after hours event from 4:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. to “fit” the schedules of professionals .Each session includes time for networking and an education segment with topics that are designed for professionals business.

***2018 Schedule:  Coming soon

ReNEW Retreat – a new NEWMS Program offering. This event is a one-day retreat for women to ReNEW their mind, body, and spirit.  Topics covered include stress management, health habits, personal care and goal setting for the new year.

***2018 Schedule:  April 

Success Skills -a 10-week Leadership Success Skills Series offered in the Fall and Spring in partnership with Result’s Inc. The series is a structured group experience founded on the assumption that many things are right with you. This program is for anyone who wants to experience personal success. The course provides exploration into how we can set priorities, manage our time, set and reach goals and lead more rewarding and happy lives.

***2018 Schedule:  Winter Class: January 18th   Fall Class:  September TBD

Sweet Expectations Chocolate Festival – a new yearly NEWMS fundraising event benefiting NEWMS Fairly Godmothers Project.

***2018 Schedule:  February 3rd

The Ultimate Local LipSync Battle –  A new NEWMS event to support organizational initiatives. Local celebrities and favorites battle it out for the win.

***2018 Schedule:  September 19th

Women of Distinction Luncheon-a bi-annual event recognizing regional women and organizations dedicated to helping women and children reach their full potential through focused efforts in the areas of Health, Education, Leadership, and Philanthropy.

***2018 Schedule:  March 8th