New Expectations for Women in Mississippi (NEWMS), a special project of the CREATE Foundation, is a non-profit organization formed to encourage and empower Mississippi women to assist each other in reaching their full potential.

NEWMS sponsors, promotes and organizes a number of events where women can connect, educate and empower each other. All activities are based on four core areas of focus: Health, Education, Leadership and Philanthropy.

There are opportunities to connect, educate and empower in each area. We encourage you to explore this site, attend our events and consider becoming a member/sponsor. There is a place for everyone to get involved! There is no mandatory number of events you must attend. Participate when and where you can and receive our monthly newsletter to stay connected. We hope you’ll become a member/sponsor!


Women face challenges in prioritizing care for themselves while balancing the needs of their families and the demands of their careers. In the past, NEWMS encouraged women to participate in the North Mississippi Medical Center’s Spirit of Women health fairs and seminars.

ReNEW is a new one-day retreat for women to ReNEW their mind, body, and spirit. Topics covered include stress management, health habits, personal care and goal setting for the new year. We are developing and looking for new programs and opportunities to partner in this critical area.


Education is the gateway to career advancement, financial security, and a sense of personal empowerment. NEWMS is dedicated to providing ways for women to learn more so they can do more.

Offered in partnership with Result’s, Inc., Success Skills helps women increase their ability to meet their professional and personal goals. Additionally, the NEWMS Success Skills Alumni host an annual conference for young ladies called G.I.R.L.Talk.


Leadership is the skill that empowers women to help each other. Whether it is leading in the community, leading at work or leading at home, women with leadership skills are able to be a catalyst for powerful change.

NEWMS Networking Together brings professionals together for seminars on relevant topics and the opportunity to meet and network with each other. Each year, the organization hosts the NEWMS Annual Conference designed to educate, motivate and encourage women to be their very best.

Bi-annually, our organization honors women and organizations who demonstrate excellence in leadership at the Women of Distinction luncheon event.


Many times on the journey to self-sufficiency women face financial challenges that fall through the cracks of charitable programs. NEWMS raises funds to provide funding for needs that assist women with improving their lives through the Fairy Godmothers Fund and General Education Scholarships.